Our handbags are 100% Made in Italy with Italian leather and are made by the same manufacturers of the world's top 50 brands.

The core business of Ninfa wholesale is to manage manufacturing in Italy for the world's top brands. That is how we can offer the same quality of the famous brand names, we use the same manufacturers! But we do not have the overhead of the big brands thus we can offer our designs at a very competitive price


You will come across a wide range of handbags on sale from LEATHER HANDBAGS, totecheap purse, as well as cross body bags, in addition to various other accessories that are designed using pure genuine leather.

The handbags on sale are distributed not just in Italy but also in several other parts of the world like Japan and Europe. In Japan, this brand represents the highest quality of Italian style. All handbags on sale will be made 100% in Italy using the best quality Italian leather.

Buyers will come across huge collection of leather handbags backpacks, cute purses, leather tote hobo bags cross body bags and lots more.

 Italian leather products have always been in great demand especially because of their quality, durability, and portability. The company ensures that each product designed by it is different in shape, colour, and design so that every customer gets unique items and you can have the best rate for your handbags in sale. All designing is done using advanced tools and technology to make sure you are getting long-lasting, high fashion product. It is a known fact that Italian leather is associated closely with fashion, great taste, and quality which is the reason why Ninfa wholesale is using this leather for manufacturing all its products. Every handbags on sale comes with elegant shine and classy look hence suitable for people of all age groups. It offers stylish handbags for youngsters, professional looking bags for working class people, and trendy bags for college going students, or for every day the big cross body bags . Those who value quality more than any other thing especially when they are purchasing products made of leather should definitely go for Tuscany products because they are of premium quality.

 The sales are reserved only for owner of leather goods store, distributor and wholesaler, doesnt accept private customer.

thanks for your time we hope you can enjoy our leather handbags on sale



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